PR Girls JV Tennis Fall 2018

Pressure is a privilege, great moments carry great weight”~ Billie Jean King

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Personal philosophy:  Athletes should have a positive and educational experience on High School sport teams.

Coaching philosophy:  As a PR Teacher-Coach, I have a student-centered philosophy of three “P” principles.  They are:  PATIENCE~Tennis takes passion and patience as players progress through their development.  PLANNING~every success starts with a plan that serves as a roadmap to the end goal.  And PROBLEM-SOLVING~players are encouraged to ask questions that enable them to find solutions to challenges on and off the court.

Individual expectations

Attendance/time commitment:  beginning with try-out week on August 13.  Please note:  as JV coach, PR school board policy #122 will be enforced, “with regards to absences, athletes must have a valid excuse or there will be no participation.”  After August 23, per PR policy, students must attend school for a half-day in order to participate.  Likewise, good attendance implies punctuality to practices and games.  Our regular season is very short.  If your Fall schedule does not allow you to commit time to the practices and matches, consider tryouts another year when you have more time.

Physical exam forms:  due to the Athletic Office by August 13 otherwise students are not permitted to try-out.

Participation fee:  $100 due to the Athletic Office.  Until payment is verified, athletes are not permitted to play(policy #123)

PIAA academic eligibility requirements:  require student athletes to be students before athletes.  If students are failing two or more courses, they must sit out for one week or until passing grades are achieved.

Physical condition:  arrive at tryouts in good physical condition.  We will do minimal conditioning during tryouts.  Additionally, bring a positive attitude.  Play as much as possible during the season(and off-season).  There is no substitute for match play.

Player evaluation:  skill drills~conducted by coach.  Tentative:  New for 2018, the implementation of technology as a means of individualized evaluation.

Challenge match results~against other candidates.  This is the primary criterion for seed position.  Format depends on weather and time constraints(pro sets or best two of three sets).

Attitude, effort, potential~demonstration of hard work and marked improvement.


Game Day

Be on time for “away” matches.  Meet at the Athletic Office exit.  Volunteers may load the water cooler from the Athletic Office onto our bus.  Please verify that it is the correct bus for our team.  All players must ride the bus to the match, but may ride home with a parent.  If possible, please notify coach ahead of time.  For both “home” and “away” matches, player introductions take place five minutes before start time.  Line up according to position.  Introductions can be led by coaches or team captains.  Shake hands and wish your opponent luck.  Take your water bottle with you and place it along the fence behind your court.  Only drink at the set change unless you have an emergency.  When you walk to the fence at set break, please check in with me because this is our only opportunity to communicate.  Each court will have score cards.  Only change the score when switching sides.  Be vigilant of the score at all times as some opponents may lack integrity.  If the score reaches six games each, call a coach to officiate the tie-breaker.  Remember to shake your opponent’s hand at the end and immediately report your score.

Etiquette for spectators

Watching tennis is different from other sports.  Tennis is a quiet sport and spectators(both players and family members) should respect certain rules.

☹Spectators should not:

Coach or talk to players during a match

Complain about line calls

Correct a score

Cheer, shout encouragement, or disrespectfully applaud errors

Reprimand anyone from opposing schools

😊Spectators should:

Speak quietly before, during, and after points are played.

Hold applause until the end


Good luck!  I look forward to a fun season together!

*Check the website soon for announcements on uniform distribution and team pictures



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