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Monday ALL JV players are attending the match at Hampton Aug 26. Bus dismissal is 2:05 leaves at 2:15. Wear black shorts and tops. Meet at Athletic Dept. Bring water. Prehydrate up to 2 hours prior to the bus dismissal. Bring some gummy bears, Swedish fish, or fruit snacks. I am not sure who handles snacks so let’s all be prepared. I am working with the Boosters to get snacks managed going forward. Leadership roles are listed below. The captain and the manager will be working closely with me to get things organized. Monday we will need all team members watching or playing. Singles players will remain the same. Doubles players will be sent out via Remind. We are on our way to a great season.

Captain: Haley Katzfey
Manager: Laila Saah

Good work today at practice. As a coach, it was great to have a day to see all the players. Now I will be working on a plan to provide more opportunity to play or practice. As a competitive team, the goal is always to win. Thank you for being patient as I learn your names as well. 🙂

Please be patient as this is a very large JV team and it is important that we see you alone and as a group, so we can be prepared and develop you as a player. All JV players have potential…you never know what you can do until you try! Keep trying! Stay positive! And stay engaged. Bring your best to practice and you will do well.

Singles players please join the Saturday practice 10-11:30. Coach Chappell said she has some room on the court this week. If you can make it that is great.

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