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Get ready …we are running today! Prehydrate. Come to courts ready, focused, and engaged. We are running 3 courts today.

Goals are due by Friday. Keep it simple, write them down. The assistant volunteer, Mrs. Kastefey, will collect and give them to me. Your commitment signatures are due Friday as well. Be sure you read over the form and discuss with your family.

Snacks: Mrs. Kastefey has the information about snacks as well.

Notes from the Section Match yesterday:

  1. All players must report directly to me prior to starting line-up and after each set to be sure your scores are recorded accurately. The captain will be announcing all player names with me at each lineup going forward.
  2. As the coach, I will give you pointers and feedback in between sets or on a change over only per official rules.
  3. All players will keep stats when not on the courts to help us all be better. Please bring your sheets today and give to the players you observed. This can help shape the player’s goals. We will be using this format for each match.
  4. Restroom- its important for me to state that no player should EVER be alone anywhere. Be sure you check in with me or the volunteer assistant to use the restroom. Always bring another player. SAFETY FIRST!
  5. Leaving from a match, your parent must provide formal state ID in order for you to leave from a match. As a teacher, I am held accountable for each of you and I take that responsibility very seriously. Safety first, then WINNING!
  6. Practice plans will be posted in google classroom only. I have personal feedback for each player who played yesterday. Please see me in person before or after practice to get that information.

GREAT WORK! Today bring your best….I will post the ladder later tonight for Wednesday! So proud of all you have accomplished as a team. Be sure you work with someone new each game as you take stats so you get to know everyone! #wearePRfamily let’s embrace the motto: All players All the time as a family!

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