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  1. Pine-Richland School District athletic rules require that student athletes travel to and from athletic contests with their team when transportation is provided by the school district.
  2. In order to depart from this requirement, the parent must file an athletic travel release form with the Coach / Athletic Office.
  3. These release forms will be handled on an individual basis and MUST be approved by the Coach prior to game-day.
  4. The Athletic Office will supply the head coach with release forms.  Please complete this form and return it to your coach for approval.
  5. A student athlete will not be permitted to drive his/her own vehicle or to transport other students to and from his/her athletic contests when school transportation has been provided.
  6. This form will release Pine-Richland School District from all liability for any adverse results that may occur.

I, _________________________________________________, request permission to take my

                               (name of parent/guardian)

son/daughter, ________________________________________________, (to-from-both) the

                                                          (name of student)

_______________________________________ contest on ______________________ held at

                        (sport or activity)                                                                      (date)


                       (location of contest)

I certify that I am personally transporting the above named student.  The reason for not riding

 the school transportation is:______________________________________________________

I understand that I am assuming total responsibility for my son/daughter and that Pine-Richland School District and its employees will not be held responsible or liable.


                (Signature of Parent/Guardian)

_______________________________________                          APPROVED/NOT APPROVED

                       (Signature of Coach)

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